Painting Dreams And Bringing The Past To Life

I am an artist, herald, costume maker and  battle re-enactor based in Wimbledon

Please visit the relevant pages to see some examples of my work and to see some pictures of me in action.

I undertake  both fine art and heraldic commissions. Please see the Sales & Commissions page for details

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I am a graduate of Kingston School of Art ( Kingston University) and was educated at Sandroyd School and Bedales.

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember (probably from the time I could hold a pencil) and have been developing and refining my style over the years.

I am interested in history, which has led to  my involvement in re-enactment. I continue to study the Hundred Years War, the Wars of the Roses and the Waterloo Campaign, as I have learned that there is always more to know .

I make my own costume for re-enactment and for other periods that interest me. I go to Science Fiction conventions and have often  entered costume in masquerades (as well as just wearing it as hall costume). I was  awarded Best in Class (Journeyman) for my costume 'Dastardly in Motley'  at the Glasgow Worldcon in 2005. 

If I enter any future masquarades, I will now be judged in the Master category.

I have studied heraldry for many years and served as the senior herald for the Far Isles Medieval Society until 2014.